Search Tips

In most cases please ener your STARTER MOTOR or ALTERNATOR number and our system will locate the parts.

We have drop down menus to help search for a product if your UNIT number does not yeild a result.

Here is some tips on how to search a product.

If you know a competitiors number then you can enter it in the search box. If we have a cross over then our product will display.
** Please note the search function recognises number sequences, the number you enter may be used in more than one product. next to the seach box is a drop down menu to select what product range you can narrow your search to.
Also displayed results will show various product groups and you can select the product group you are after**


Voltage regulators, If you have a voltage regulator with a part number on it, then enter that.
You can just enter part of the part number.

In the case of regulator numbers: if first search is not favourable try the number with out Dashes or Dots ( - .)

Denso numbers start 126000- ( old shape internal reg) 126600- ( new shape small cube type).
Bosch numbers use F00M as in F zero zero M.
For Mitsubishi regulators use the first 3 numbers in the heat sink fins.
Valeo regulators can have a few numbers on them it is important to try all of them.

eg: 126000-1550 can be entered as 1550.
Mitsubishi regulators have a number on the heatsink fins, type in the first 3 numbers.

Pulleys, If you have an INA Number then type that in, Many of our pulleys have an INA crossover to them.Pulley numbers can be entered without the F- . If yours has a .01 or .02 at the end for example this is just a supercession number and can be omitted from your search.


Bearings, you can enter the number from the bearing, eg: B10-50D or  333, you can enter the measurement sizes like this ID/ODxW. Dont put any spaces between them and use the X key

Oil Seals, enter the number directly from the seal.
Drives, Drive numbers can be read near the teeth. Bosch, Mitsubishi and Valeo are good for this.
In the case of Mitsubishi it will be a 3 digit number.


If you need help in searching please just give us a call



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